Windows XP Firefox Bookmarks to Mac (no html file)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Did your Windows XP computer die on you suddenly, and you did not recently export your bookmarks to an HTML file as a back-up? You have since purchased a new computer? Perhaps it is a Mac? Perhaps you are accessing your old Hard Drive as an external drive? Have no fear, your bookmarks have been automatically saved. You cannot "import" them as that would require the exported bookmarks.html file, which you did not export, because you were not expecting your computer to die. But, you can "restore" them in the same way.

Go to folder options and choose to View Hidden Files (on Windows)
On Mac: Open Terminal application.
Type: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true
You can change it back to false later.
Then relaunch Finder (Apple Icon, force quit)

This will reveal this directory:

Documents and Settings/[user_name]/Application Data/Mozilla/firefox/profiles/[number].default/bookmarkbackups.bookmarks[date].json

Copy the more recent json file to your new computer.

Open Firefox, open Bookmarks - Organize Bookmarks. Choose to Restore - From File. Choose your json file, and presto, finally, you are done. Yippie!

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