Colour Observation #011

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BC Hydro Logo

I've always thought that the BC Hydro logo was really great. The government company supplies electricity with the use of Hydro Electric Damn -- water power. Which usually means using a lake that is either natural or man made, and creating a good drop point for the water to fall down pipes to the turbines to create electricity. The logo by itself may not conjure up the proper image of such, but once the words are put next to the logo, once can immediately see what the image represents. I hope they never alter or 'update' the logo design. I do believe that they have updated the text, but not the actual logo as of yet.

The white electricity is moving along the wire. It's a common representation of electricity as seen in cartoons especially. But, it also looks like two mountain peaks reflected in the water to me. Most hydro dams are located in valleys with mountains on either side.

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