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Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to download free apps and OS X updates etc. from the App Store and iTunes without a credit card.

Apple's answer:
Well, it sounds easy enough -- when you sign up for an account, choose "none" as your payment option,
but I already have an apple id from registering my computer.  When I log in, there is no [NONE] option.

So, you have to:
1. add your credit card info, then go back and delete it and supposedly the option of [NONE] will appear (but, they already have your credit card info, do you think that if you delete it that it just disappears?  I don't think so.)

2. create a new account.  But you can't do this with the App, you have to use  Create a new account, put in any fake info you want, and surprise surprise, the [NONE] option is there.  Once you've done that and verified your account with the link that was sent to your alternate email, you can now login to download free stuff through iTunes.  But, what if you want to download OS X updates, those are not listed in iTunes, only the App  So, find the free app you want to download, login with the same info you used with iTunes, and it will say something like, "you can't use that account to download stuff from here, only through iTunes" and it will redirect you to the iTunes version, or whatever that means, and it now works.  Super stupid and convoluted, but if you don't want to give the your credit card info, or you don't even have a credit card, these are hoops they make you jump through.

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