Colour Observation #002

Monday, February 4, 2008

I find the whole marketing scheme of ING Direct to be very interesting. The whole basis of their marketing is based upon three colours: orange, purple, and white. Personally, I find it to be very visually appealing; at least the marketing directed to the Canadian audience of which I am apart; seems a different approach is taken depending on the country in question. I have noticed that an orange square is often used in Canadian marketing by ING Direct, while an orange circle or ball is used in the U.S.A.. The circle/ball approach really does not appeal to me whatsoever, and neither does the ING Direct U.S.A. website.

Every aspect of ING Direct including the website, statements, newsletters, posters, staff uniforms, to their ING Direct Cafe's all continue this colour scheme without fail. I think it really brings it all together and really does help in their attempt to be an 'unbank'. The colours are simple, clean looking, and no other bank uses such colours. Typically banks gravitate towards darker, more 'serious' colours.

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