Colour Observation #005

Saturday, February 16, 2008

In class we sat around in groups and went over the basic colours and how we associate them in our daily lives. We tried to think of what immediately comes to mind when a certain colour is mentioned or when looking at a colour on the colour-chart. We found that is was pretty easy to associate colours with certain corporate logos, products, or companies, and that many of us in our separate groups came up with the same thing.

Yet, when it came to associating these: sound/music, shape/form, scent/aroma, emotion/feeling, texture/material with colour, we had a lot of trouble. Our group pretty much drew a blank at this. We could force ourselves to think of stereotypes, but that was all. What we found much easier was to group colours together. We felt that the more the colours moved towards reds, oranges, and yellow the more we thought of sunny days, tropical weather, fruit, summertime, party, relaxed, community, less serious. Whereas, the more green, blue, or violet colours made us think more of the north, cooler weather, but also more corporate, more serious, financial, etc.

We all live in the north, therefore we can assume that these feelings are due to the winters being generally dark, with lots of greys, and very subdued colours due to weather. People generally choose darker colours to wear in the winter so as to not stand out so much against our daily backdrop. Tourists often head off to Hawaii, buy some very bright clothes while there, and they feel the clothes look great. But, then they come back to this part of the world, they find that their vacation clothes just would look perhaps -- too bright... to far removed, and thus silly looking, unless worn during mid summer.

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