Classic Rupert Bear Miniatures

Thursday, April 7, 2011

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Oh, these look so cool!  Hand-made and painted Rupert Bear figurines!  The Rupert Bear Annual is the most imaginative and visually interesting and artistic storybook that was read to me as a child, and later read to myself, and later still read to my own children.

Look At The Fine Detail!

I Wants - If ever you'd like to get me a gift, these are something I'd love to have.  Currently I have:  zero.

Update September 2014 -- Since my original posting in 2011 about the miniatures, they became unavailable.  Oh, that worried me, so I tracked down the sculptor, Colin Patten, and was able to purchase some of his remaining figures.  They are of excellent quality.  I was very glad to receive them.   He had put the Rupert Bear collection on hold as other work projects were taking up all of his time.  I just took a peek and they are now available again, plus new characters as well!!!

If you love these, you just may love Colin's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings collection of Middle Earth!  or, even more impressive, his company that creates museum history pieces -- just amazing!

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Glehnmarc said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! They are very cool. Love the Rupert Annuals.

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